This Week


Hello! I hope that everyone has a super fun weekend! Mine consisted of working and (think about) doing my homework;) Oh and I also inherited a cold from somewhere!! Anyways, I want you all to know that I think it is important to take time for yourself because you are important! So I have compiled a list of happy and relaxing things I want to do this week! My goal is to actually do them! Here they are!

I want/need to…
Read a chapter of Go+Do by this guy.
Paint my nails. Check this place out!
Talk and pray with my friend Heidi. I love her, she always makes me feel good!
Take pictures!
Make music on my guitar!



Umm, woops!

So I may or may not have forgotten about W.W. Great way to start off the new year right? oops!

I was most likely laying around on my bed… because I have been crazy busy from getting back to school and such!


I will be posting up on hizzle about my life..

As for now Check out my picks from New Years Eve here , I was at my girl Camille’s abode!

It was foshizzle da bomb.