Spiritual Eating Disorder

Do you ever read the bible  and you finally just get it?

I feel like I don’t have this happen as much as I would like. But today while I was writing in my journal and reading I “got” something! I had recently heard a man talk about Billy Graham and how he thought of the bible as spiritual food and how he never wanted to miss a meal! When I heard this I was like, “whoa, that is so true” and I was convicted. I got it then but I really got it today.

I feel like I have a spiritual eating disorder. Most days, if not all, I only spiritually eat once and  if I only spiritually eat once then I don’t have enough energy to pour out into others, because I am hungry myself!  But we could also eat a lot and get spiritually fat and this isn’t necessarily a good thing! When we eat a lot in real life, in order to not get fat we have to go to the gym and exercise. So if we are getting all of our spiritual meals, we should be pouring into others, which will keep us spiritually healthy!

It is a constant inflow so that we can overflow into others as my youth pastor Darin says.

So lettuce eat, but don’t forget to exercise!

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly // January Edition

So the lets start with the good.
The Good//  I went skiing for the first time in January. It was super fun because I went with Ben and his aunt!  I was a little intimidated at first because 1.They are both really good at skiing and Ben is also an amazing snowboarder 2. I am from Texas and we don’t have snow there so connect the dots and 3. I tried snowboarding and that was just a fail (it was at midnight and snowboarding is just hard in general). So I was anxious to see how skiing would go. Lets just say that like the slopes I had my ups and downs.
The Bad// I went down the wrong hill.
The Ugly// I fell. Hard.
I have a bruise on my bum. tehe.

This is how I felt going down that hill.


This Week


Hello! I hope that everyone has a super fun weekend! Mine consisted of working and (think about) doing my homework;) Oh and I also inherited a cold from somewhere!! Anyways, I want you all to know that I think it is important to take time for yourself because you are important! So I have compiled a list of happy and relaxing things I want to do this week! My goal is to actually do them! Here they are!

I want/need to…
Read a chapter of Go+Do by this guy.
Paint my nails. Check this place out!
Talk and pray with my friend Heidi. I love her, she always makes me feel good!
Take pictures!
Make music on my guitar!


Umm, woops!

So I may or may not have forgotten about W.W. Great way to start off the new year right? oops!

I was most likely laying around on my bed… because I have been crazy busy from getting back to school and such!


I will be posting up on hizzle about my life..

As for now Check out my picks from New Years Eve here , I was at my girl Camille’s abode!

It was foshizzle da bomb.


Wardrobe Wednesday\\ Baby It’s Cold Outside

So far Wardrobe Wednesdays have been going pretty well! I’ve been pretty pro-active about getting them done and I even took the pictures yesterday (Tuesday), so I actually wore this on Christmas! I know its isn’t very festive, but that’s OK. The only thing that is getting hard about W.W. is that it is getting so cold outside! Yesterday, when me and J came in from taking pictures outside, we ran to the fireplace and pretty much put our hands in the fire! I couldn’t tell if my hand were hot or cold anymore. I think my mom was right when she told me to be functional, rather than fashionable! Oh well, its all worth it 🙂


I was a little nervous as to how this pose would turn out, I had seen others do it, so I figured it would work, and it did 🙂

This week I am wearing….

Blazer: Thrifted

Earrings: Christmas gift from J.

Polka Dot: Old Navy (moms)

Jeans: Old Navy

Sunglasses: Ray-bans, from Nepal (therefore they are fake)

Boots: Sears





Looking up poses.. btw I got an iPhone 🙂


Fun Fact #2

I love fun number sequences.If you we’re to ask my friends why my favorite time is they would tell you 12:34! I am not sure why but ever since my junior year I have fallen in love with silly numbers. They pop up throughout my day and they make me so happy! Some of my other favorites are 1:23, 3:21, 10:10 (this is a joke for those of you who make a wish at 11:11).
But let me warn you, just because I like these numbers does not mean that I love math.

I have accumulated screen shots of my iPod at these times. Here are a few…


Fun Fact #1

I have come to realize that I am a very unique person. So I will be periodically posting fun little facts about me!
The first fact about me, that I’m not too proud of, is that I’m an extreme moocher! Probably because I never eat junk food and I know that if I had my own junk food I would be morbidly obese.
So if you sit next too me and you have a bag of gold fish, I will more than likely ask for some:)