5 Confessions


What I am wearing…
Boots.. as always
Blue Cords: Herbergers
White Top: Old Navy
Vest: Hand me me down
Scarf: Target
Belt: From my g-ma 🙂

1. I haven’t been keeping up with my W.W. and I will try to get better at this! But sorry if I don’t:)
2. I am not a math student. Every time that I go to my calc class, I ask myself “why am I here?” I really don’t know why but I can’t quit now! Only two weeks left! Whoop!?!
3. I am really into listening to podcasts from Liberty University! Their convocations are a great way to start my day! CANNOT wait to go there!
4. I love Trejo Thursdays! Look it up on YouTube and you will laugh so hard! I literally can watch these videos all day! They are great for relieving stress!
5. For some reason I have been having really weird dreams lately involving my friend Renee! For instance, she was getting married but the wedding was really weird. All of the bridesmaids sat in the audience and in the middle of the wedding service we went to a waterfall?! Also they never got married. 😦 and in my other dream she shaved her head!? What’s wrong with me?!

Anyone got any confessions to make?!


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