Live out your days the way you want to live your life

I want to start by asking everyone to stop and take a moment to pray for one of my really good friends Kammy. Her father passed away on Monday in the middle of the night from a heart attack. I don’t really know how or why but I just ask that we would all be praying and that we would realize how short life is. 


I finally finished the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan last night. Basically I have been inspired to spread the gospel even when I don’t a calling and even when I don’t feel like it. Jesus commands us to be fishers of men and  that we need to go and make disciples in all nations. He doesn’t say that you are to be fishers of men when you feel lead to do it. He wants this to be our focus and joy. I know that there have been plenty of times when I have had a chance to tell others about Christ but because I didn’t feel like it, I didn’t. I am just super ready to go to Nepal and tell others about Christ even when I am tired, sick, sad, excited, happy,no matter how I feel!

Another thing from the book that I LOVED was this quote:  “live out of your days like you want to live out your life”. I have always had a dream about the kind of life I want to live, what I  want to be like and the things I want to do. Sometimes I find myself praying for God to make me different and to create new character in me and I just realized that I need to be apart of that change too. That if there is a way I want to live my life, then why not strive for that kind of life everyday. I am not sure if this is making sense, but days go by fast and last time I checked I am a wave in the ocean and I don’t last long. I want a life full of love and joy, I want to serving and not worrying. I want to be radical for Christ. And for me that starts with my family. I want us to be united and I want to love them without reserve of regret. I  don’t want any anger or malice towards them. I want to share with them my heart, I want to get them involved with what God is doing in me and what He is doing in the world! I want to be Christ to them right her and right now. That is how I want to live my life. In endless love towards others like Christs life.