24 days

I am going to NEPAL!

Exactly 24 days, 11 hours, 14 minutes and counting! I will be gone for 6 weeks! If I look back 6 weeks right now I can see so much growth already, growth in support, growth in my family and growth in ME! I am so excited to just focus my time, thoughts, soul, my everything on Christ!

Colossians 2:6-7 says… ” so then, just as your received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as your were taught and overflowing with thankfulness”

Dear God,
I pray for this summer, that it would be LIFE CHANGING so that my life would become LIFE CHANGING. I want to be broken down and built up! I want to be strengthened when I have nothing left to give! I want to be overflowing with your joy and thankfulness even when I am sad and have nothing! I am YOU! I only want what you want! Lord I trust you! I ask that all my funds would come in and that I would see progress in my family and relationships! You have done so much already with my this year! I want to be a world changer! Prepare me for Nepal and use Nepal to prep me for what you still have coming! I can’t wait to see you face to face Lord!
Love your daughter,


Prayer Request

Anybody who reads this please pray that I would get my funds in for my trip to Nepal! I am so anxious to go and do good deeds!


Sorry for not being active lately on wordpress

Wow! I just found this and it’s from a long time ago! So cool to see how I have grown and what still needs to be worked on!

God has been really teaching me about relationships recently! I mean I always knew he was a personal and relational God but I never treated him as if He were my best friend.
I have been up and down with friends lately and I realized I define my self a lot by who my friends are! I always think to myself “what would I do without them” when something bad happens! I get the feeling like I need to fix it! Part of that I believe is that I am insecure! I get scared! Who would I be without my friends, what would I do without my friends!? I just complained to my mom the other day that I had no friends! If only I would realize that God is available ALL the time and that he knows the desires of my heart!
y Favorite Bible Verse About Human Relationships
Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their work:
If one falls down,
his friend can help him up.
But pity the man who falls
and has no one to help him up!
— Ecclesiastes 4:9-11


Ok so first off I just want to thank God for everything! He is an amazing and loving God!
Second I thank him for all the beautiful people he has created in this world!

So today was great! I got to have some fun devos with my Friend Rachel and go to Thursday’s on first! But the most amazing thing was meeting my new friend Liz:)
Here’s how it happened…

So I’m biking down 2nd street and I get to the intersection where you cross highway 52. At one of the cross walks was a girl in a pink jacket (Liz). I said hello to her, we exchanged names and everything and we talked about where we were going. She was heading to caribou and I was going to Thursday’s on first to meet with some of my close friends. It got to the point in the conversation where I told her it was nice meeting her and that I hoped she had a good day. As I biked away, I once again felt the Holy Spirit telling me to go talk to her about my beautiful savior, Jesus. I was like really lord! People are waiting for me! But I decided it might be the only chance that day to tell someone about His love. So I went for it…
I turned my bike around and I went up to her and said ” hi Liz, I’m a Christian and I felt like the Lord was telling me to come back here and talk to you.” and thankfully she was very happy to see me and she said ” oh, really!? I just stopped at a christian bookstore to buy a purity ring!”
I was so happy in that moment. We got to talking and I found out that she works at a church but doesn’t go regularly. She invited me to go to caribou with her and to talk with her! I didn’t even hesitate to say no. We got lattes and sat down in some comfy chairs and got to talking! I learned more and more about her beliefs and her family. She was so open and real with me. I got to share with her what I believe and I think I might have been the first person to share the Gospel with her. She kept telling me that she really wants to try and start reading her bible and going to church, but she has been through much in her life that it’s hard to believe there really is a God who is loving.
We talked for about an hour and then I decided that it was time to go to Thursday’s on first.
I asked her if I could pray with her. She looked a little timid but I could tell she was glad I asked. She said yes. So I pray with her and I thanked the lord for her and the day and that he would just bless Liz and her family and reveal his love to them. When I said amen I could tell she wanted to try it. So I asked her if she would like to pray to. She did and it was beautiful! She prayed for me and thanked him for everything that he had given to her. She also said that she feels like God sent me to her to talk to her and be her friend! I am soo glad I turned my bike around!
We hugged and said our farewells and I was off to Thursday’s on first and she started reading her book for school.

Lord please bless Liz and her family! Help me invest in her and show her your love! May all the glory go to you, forever and always! Thanks for lattes too!
Your daughter, mere:)