The weight of His glory

Have you ever been prompted by the Holy Spirit? Were you scared or were you totally willing to be used? Were you obedient and reverent to His calling? The Holy Spirit can be hard to understand, but if you are willing and obedient to his calling, you will learn that His calling can only be good.
In my Sunday school class today that was exactly what we were talking about. We have been studying the Holy Spirit and been watching the videos series on the book “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan. We watched videos 5 and 6. In them Francis talks about our relationship with the Holy Spirit and being obedient the Holy Spirits promptings.
Now our Sunday school teachers are married to one another. The are super sweet and fun people. The wife kinda spilled that her husbands brother had died just the day before. Then her husband said something like ” I thought we weren’t going to bring that up today”. I was kind of taken back because they were still there to teach us in Sunday school. We went on with Sunday school and I felt this nudge to pray with them. Not just to pray for them in my head or write a prayed out for them in my journal. But to actually go and lay hands on them and pray WITH them. I didn’t really think twice about it. I just felt like I needed to be obedient and do it! I didn’t wrestle with God at all. I was ready to do it and be bold. So at the end of the class I went up to the couple and told them thank you for teaching us and I asked if I could pray with them… right then. The man was kinda like “oh!.. OK!” So we prayed, I thanked God for them and then I said something like
“Lord, please help this couple in their time of loss. Help them know that you have a plan and that they WILL one day see you their brother and brother in law face to face one day in Heaven! Please help them know you have a plan for their life and that there will be light at the end of this tunnel.”
When I said Amen I started to feel like supernatural feeling of wholeness and I started to cry as they did. I KNEW that God had a plan for them and for their family. I walked out of there bawling. I stopped in a bathroom to get a hold of my emotions and walked down stairs. I still was just overwhelmed with feeling and when I saw my friends they could tell something was up. I shared with them what had happened and I just let it all go. Tears were flowing and I couldn’t control it!
One of my friends told me how the sermon today talked about how when we are in the presence of the Lord we can come undone. We, these little people, are running and we cant stop and sometimes we hit God and we just get pushed down and we cant control what we are feeling inside.
It was truly amazing to be used in that way and to experience that feeling and act upon His calling. Earlier that week I felt like I wanted more of God… I surely got it!



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