Just a random Tuesday

Who knew I could be used by God in my own neighborhood!

Last night was the National Neighborhood Night Out! My family and I had been going to this every year since we moved into our neighborhood. I personally never really liked going because our neighborhood is filled with old people. But this year I had a different outlook on it.

The afternoon before the neighborhood picnic, I went on one of my daily prayer walks. I walk around my neighborhood and I pray for whatever the Spirit leads me too. I usually pray for things I see or like I said, what ever the Spirit leads me too. Sometimes if I feel like I have been talking too much I will walk and just listen and ask God what he is doing here in my neighborhood and in my own life. As I was walking I ended up praying for opportunities in my own neighborhood to be used and to be a light. I saw a lady getting her mail and I saw her beautiful garden, I know its wrong, but I envy it. Many may know that my family isn’t too big into gardening. So, I asked for the Lord to give me an opportunity to tell that lady that I would help her in it. After about 15 more minutes praying I decided I should get out of the heat and get ready for the picnic.

We left around 6 to go to the picnic and God was ready to answer my prayers.

When we got there, the lady who got her mail was there to greet people. We exchanged Hellos and she asked me about my previous soccer tournament because her grandchildren played in it also. We talked about that and then there was a quiet moment… I knew it was a chance to talk to her about her garden. She told me that she would love for me to help her in it. Her husband hasn’t been able to do much in their garden because he had a surgery and it had caused him troubles walking and getting up.  Despite that, their garden is still beautiful. It has flowers blossoming everywhere and beautiful fountains. They take lots of care of their garden.

Well, God answered that prayer but he wasn’t finished for the night. After we all got settled and had eaten, people started leaving or just talking. Now the house we were in, also had elderly people living in it.  The owner is a nurse and they take care of elderly people. It is a nursing home, quite literally. While we were sitting and talking, I couldn’t help but notice one lady. She was sitting in a recliner and reading a magazine but you could tell she wanted to be involved by the way she looked up just about every minute. I felt this tug in my heart like I should go and talk to her. I kinda pushed it away but it only grew stronger. As I studied the elderly woman, I realized that in our culture, because she is old and crippled,  she is considered lesser or not important. But I remembered God wants us to fight for the least of these and people who are broken or lost. So I built up the courage and I went and sat next to her!

To my surprise she was extremely nice and funny! Her name is patty and she had been living in the house for only a couple of months. She has 5 kids and 4 of them live here in our city. After learning more about her and just listening to her I felt an overwhelming satisfaction and happiness. It was so cool to actually hear God calling me to do something and then actually do it!

Who knew I could be used by God in my own neighborhood!


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